They Wait for Us (2018)

In a near-future end-of-life care facility, a reclusive hospital worker starts to believe a coma patient is secretly communicating with him.

20 mins
Psychological thriller


Directed by: George Thomson and Lukas Schrank
Produced by: John Kassab, Kristyna Sellnerova, Lukas Schrank, George Thomson
Written by: Matthew Jankes
Cinematographer: Benjamin Wearing
Editor: Flaura Atkinson
Production Designer: Niina Topp
Costume Designer: Lauren Miller
Hair and Makeup: Charly Hawkins
Sound Designer: John Kassab
Score: Fis
Colourist: Phil Hambi @ MPC


Wang – Chike Chan
Grace – Josephine Larsen
Dr Willis – Michael Christofis
The Waiting Man –  Count Prince Miller
The Lawyer – Tom Bonington