They Wait For Us (2018)

Directed by: George Thomson and Lukas Schrank
Written by Matthew Jankes

Official Selection: Fantasia Film Festival 2018
Official Selection: Atlanta International Film Festival 2018
Winner: Best Sci Fi Film, Midnfield Film Festival 2018
Winner: Platinum award for Cinematography, Mindfield Film Festival 2018
Winner: Bronze Award for Score, Mindfield Film Festival 2018

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Our Futures LTD (2013)

Written/Directed by  Lukas Schrank and George Thomson

Winner:  Platinum Award for Short film – Oregon Film Awards 2014
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Nowhere Line (2015)

Directed by Lukas Schrank

Winner: Best Short Documentary – Melbourne International Film Festival 2015
Winner: Audience Award for Short Film – Human Rights Arts and Film Festival 2016
Winner: Audience Award for Short Film, Human Rights Arts and Film Festival 2016
Winner: Vimeo Staff Picks – Pick of the month
Winner: Theme of Festival Award, Realtime Film Festival 2017
Winner: Folegsong Foundation of the USA award, IFOLT 2017
Winner: Audience Award, Fear No Film / Utah Arts Festival 2017

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